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My name is Ceda Parkinson and I'm a third-year student currently studying an English Literature and Creative Writing BA at Falmouth University. Hiraeth is both a project for my degree and an exploratory dive into the world of bookmaking. Like many, I have been affected by the recent COVID-19 lockdown in terms of my studies and my future plans, but also during this time I have been forced to re-define my concepts of home, space and imagination. It was through this that I found the word 'hiraeth', which seemed to brilliantly encapsulate all of these things and more. I would like to share and explore everyone's own definitions of what hiraeth is, for me it is one of those brilliant words that could embody a whole array of experiences. Through this book I will capture some of those experiences through art and the written word.

As a writer, I enjoy creating worlds within worlds, often exploring the strange and uncanny. For updates on my future work, follow me on Instagram: @ceda_parkinson