Hiraeth (pronounced Hir-eye-eth) is a Welsh word, defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a"deep longing for a person or thing which is absent or lost; yearning; nostalgia, homesickness".  But the true meaning is much deeper than this. Having no direct English translation, the concept of hiraeth calls to all of us from somewhere deep within the earth.  It is a pull towards the other. It is a memory of something we have not lived to see. It is a grief for what we have lost or what we may never find. It is felt both on a collective level and on a deeply personal one.

Hiraeth is published by our new micro-press, Overneath Books! Below is a link to our new website where we will be posting more information and updates on Hiraeth and our other upcoming projects: https://www.overneathbooks.com/


For any further reading/inspiration around hiraeth, I would highly recommend these articles and podcasts:

'Ghost Etching'  by Nathalie Lloyd-Cope. @illustratosaurus